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Shift Your Household With Packers And Movers Thane

Relocating is a difficult task. When the pets are concerned, it becomes more difficult. The pet has to adjust to a new environment and the worst part is they do not understand things so well like the human beings. The Movers and packers Thane not only help in relocation but they also help in relocating the pets safely and comfortably even in airlines. Sometimes the pets become nervous when they see unknown people coming towards them and packing them in a box along with their toys and foods.

Packing and Moving Service Thane

The packers and movers Thane not only take care of the client's belongings but also ensure that they move the pets safely to the new destination be it a cat, dog, bird or rabbit.The packing and the moving service take the entire headache of transporting the pet. The packing and moving service Thane have to arrange for the fitness certificate from a vet for the pet as well as documents ensuring the pet's vaccination. The packers and movers Thane Mumbai arrange IATA approved cage for the pet to ensure it has enough space to move here and there even while travelling by airlines.

Best Packers and Movers in Thane

The packers and the Movers complete the booking of the pet 72 hours prior to movement.The airlines allow pets who are less than 5 kg. If your pet is above 5 kg, then packers and movers arrange for cargo ships so that the pets do not face any trouble or the pets are not lost while they are being transported but the airlines does not allow pets to move below 8 weeks.The airlines prohibits pregnant pets or sick pets for their safety. So when you are trying to move the pets, the packers and movers in Thane Mumbai make sure that the pet is in healthy condition before relocating them to a new place.