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The most updated packers and movers in Hafizgunj Hyderabad

Shifting to a new place along with your belongings is often a bumpy ride so it is essential to first maintain an “Open First” box. This box contains all the items that you will need in your old house during the last days, as well as items that you will need once you have unpacked in your new house. Packers and movers Hafizgun Hyderabad will fully suit all your needs during your weary journey.

Given below are some of the necessary items that need to be there in the “Open First” box prepared by movers and packers Hafizgunj Hyderabad.

Bedroom Items:

Blankets, bedspread, pillows, night dresses and clothes are some of the items that should be packed in the “Open First” box.

Basic Toilet and Bathroom Items:

Hand sanitizers, soaps, toothbrush, toothpaste, combs, shaving kit, toilet paper, hair dryer, and bathing towels for family members fit your bill.

Kid’s Corner:

To keep kids involved and happy the “Open First” Box should contain games, toys, and books. In addition to it crayons, pencils, and craft items increase their engagement.

Pet’s Pleasure:

In case you have a pet cat or dog it is necessary for you to carry their food and bowl. Some toys can be additionally carried.


Plastic plates, cups, ready to cook a meal, sufficient water and beverages are important essentials that require to be kept aside.

Cleaning Items:

Detergent, mops, broom, newspaper, sponge, old clothes are some of the items included in the list.

Additional Items:

They can well be your mobile charger, tool kit, mosquito repellent, medicine, cosmetics, torch, batteries, laptop that needs to be packed.


Money and other Valuables:

Money, jewelry and documents must be carried by you.

The shifting will make you feel exhausted and after we have finished unloading you can take a bath, meal and deep sleep. The “Open First” box will come handy enough. Packers and movers in Hafizgunj is dedicated to fulfilling all your necessities.