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The most updated packers and movers in Habsiguda Hyderabad

All of us have heaps of costly jewellery and simulated gems that we cherish for a considerable period of time. Don’t you possess a favourite neck piece or a pair of earrings or a set of bangles that has been gifted by someone special or passed down to you by your grandmother? Wouldn't you be dismal in the event that you lost or damaged these while moving? Packers and movers in Habsiguda Hyderabad ensures a smooth packing and take extra precaution on the move.

Here are some Materials to pack your Jewellery to prevent Damage:

• JEWELLERY BOX- Jewellery boxes are not just mere designer boxes to flaunt but also quite helpful in packing your jewellery and safeguarding it on the move to prevent damage. All your precious valuables like earrings, bangles, necklaces, rings, can all be cushioned and packed protectively in those boxes by using cotton between two pieces of jewel or using bubble wrap and then securely taping the boxes to ensure they are not harmed during the travel.

• JEWELLERY BAGS-One of the most essential factors to be kept in mind while packing jewellery is to ensure that they do not get tangled to each other, particularly the neck pieces and chains. Jewellery bags have special drawstring ties to ensure each piece is securely packed.

• TOILET ROLLS- Movers and packers Habsiguda Hyderabad experts will suggest using empty toilet paper rolls in a box ensures your chains and neck pieces are packed safely as they have a tendency to get tangled and damaged.

• OLD BUSINESS CARDS- Losing earrings are possibly the easiest while moving owing to its size. The best way to pack them is to use an old business card and make holes in it to put the earring inside it. Or you can cut small pieces out of the card and drill a pair of holes in each for the earrings. Make sure you tape the earrings at the back of the card to help them from falling off.

• SUNGLASS CASES- According to the packers and movers Habsiguda Hyderabad Sunglass boxes are ideal for packing bangles, bracelets, anklets or other pieces of jewellery, as the hard covering of the box ensures a protective shield while moving.