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Four Way Pallet

Invented in the twentieth century, a pallet is a portable flat platform that stably supports goods. A pallet is used for both storage and transportation of goods and cargo in warehouses, factories, stores, large trucks and farms. The pallet has come to histrionically enhance older forms of crating like the wooden box and the wooden barrel as it works well with modern packaging like cardboard boxes and other containers commonly used for bulk shipping. We produce mostly wooden pallets and sometimes plastic, metal and pallets made from recycled materials.
A little history on how and when our four-way pallet came to be would not be bad. Howard T Hallowell in 1925 introduced bottom boards to his �Lift Truck Platform� giving us the current form of a pallet. After World War II proper movement of war material was very essential and this accelerated the need to come up with better and safer methods of transportation. However, it was not until 1945 that the four-way pallet was introduced by Robert Braun. In 1948 Braun brought the first steel-stamped Four Way Pallet to be used with a forklift.

Pallets generally fall into two broad categories: stringer pallets and block pallets. Often made from softwood, stringer pallets utilize a frame of three parallel pieces of timber known as stringers and attached to top deck boards to make a pallet. Stringer pallets are referred to as two-way pallets because a pallet jack can only lift it from two directions instead of four. Block pallets, also known as the four-way pallets are generally stronger and more secure than the stringer pallets. They are made of hardwood which makes them heavier, stronger and more durable and able to handle heavy loads. They use both parallel and perpendicular pieces of timber which helps with more proficient handling. Both forklifts and pallet jacks can move them from any direction or side.
We offer cost effective, safe and long lasting four-way pallets for any business or factories in need of storage and moving products. Any business is assured of any size and type of pallet they need. Four Way Pallet is easy to load, place and unload giving a smooth running of business.

For a small business with limited storage space, we would recommend the Four Way Pallets since it takes less effort to move even in a crowded warehouse and thus can be hauled by a hand truck or a forklift. The four-way pallet can be easily stacked vertically hence allowing enough storage space since the small business premises will be utilizing the vertical space, hence saving on the costs that would be used to expand or rent out a new premises. There are several Four Way Pallets with us. These include the slave pallets designed to transport air cargo pallets by forklift.
Our most common pallet is the Euro-pallet that goes way back to railway transport. In 1961 the European railways commissioned the standardization of a common pallet type and hence the Euro � pallet came to be used. We produce several pallets resembling this since it is possible to load railroad cars faster than the earlier loading processes. It is also easily loaded onto ships and can withstand the harsh conditions of long distance transportation. We are proud to offer durable, reusable four-way pallets for any business, family or industrial to increase storage space and provide safe movement of products.