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By Air Freight Forwarding

Air freight refers to commercial transportation of trading goods through the use of cargo planes specially designed for carrying cargo. For our air freight services we require knowledge for proper functioning which includes inventory, packaging, warehousing as well as security related information daily. We do this with the help of the latest state of the art computerized software. By Air Freight Forwarding one can have a great benefit over the sea freight forwarding. Among these advantages are the useful management and analysis of information and resources. Exploration of resources includes price of fuel, handling of manpower as well as setting of mission of transportation from the source to the terminus.

Our air freight forwarding services provide many benefits at affordable prices. We are suitably prepared to handle hefty consignments. Our cargo airplanes are now fully equipped to handle not only lightweight materials but also heavy loads which are even less expensive to transport in bulk. Despite the high cost when compared to sea freight forwarding, By Air Freight Forwarding you can get your service faster and safer and hence it is more dominant. We give top priority to the transport of perishable goods like flowers and other sensitive products since their timely delivery is important.
The air freight forwarding has tremendously grown and is made up of a variety of niches and global players ever ready to react to changing market conditions. And with an estimation of over 3,000 freight forwarding companies all over the world, we are hardworking and value our customers, providing them with efficient and trustworthy services, which make us keep in business and beat our competitors. From mere port customs clearance agents around the main ports, we have grown into internationally recognized freight forwarding giant.

We are a part of a trade association which has developed trading conditions that protect the interests of both, we, the forwarding agents and our clients, especially in the event of loss or damage to goods By Air Freight Forwarding and which gives advice to both customers and forwarders on the latest controlling changes affecting the international movement of goods. We do our best to give our clients a run for their money. We give our clients the option of more direct line transportation for their cargo whenever possible as it is least expensive for them and the freight company. We also advise our most regular clients to develop and implement a routing guide to gain discounts and to audit their freight bills to enforce routing and carrier use. We advocate for container optimization for our clients while transferring goods By Air Freight Forwarding, as this translates to lower shipping cost per unit. Container optimization is done through a reduction in the amount of air in a box of goodies. Another way to reduce transportation costs is in using larger containers. We often offer volume discounts for larger shipments. This means we charge less per unit when our clients ship more items in a larger container. To make our clients feel and be in charge of their rates of air freight forwarding service, we advise them to join a freight consortium that allows them to buy-in to previously negotiated rates with contract carriers.